Let Your Medicine Be Food And Your Food Be Vegan!

Since diet plays a crucial part, it is worth the detailed analysis

No kid today has heard of the old saying ‘Prevention is better than cure’. Growth in the Health sector is not a happy index of accessibility of healthcare for more people. It just shows how many people now are in need of healthcare. The strong nexus among the pharmaceutical companies, the testing laboratories and doctors is very apparent. And a sick person is a welcome guest in this web.

In this entire drama, we forget that our status of health lies 50% in diet and 50% in our lifestyle that includes sleep, exercise and how our mind works. But once we fall sick, it becomes a variable combination of medicines, diet, lifestyle and even prayers!

Since diet plays a crucial part, it is worth the detailed analysis. Unlike other animals, humans do not have a natural instinct about food. Our food choice is dictated by religion, influenced by availability and limited by health issues. It is only within these parameters that our tastebuds work. 

Humans began as frugivores who ate fruits, nuts and seeds. Apparently, in times of scarcity, they began picking up scraps of meat left by carnivores (making us more like scavengers actually). The discovery of fire helped them cook the meat that they otherwise could not easily tear (our canines are really small!), chew, swallow and digest. And it was only 10,000 years ago when humans became settlers and domesticated animals were when they began to eat meat on a more regular basis followed by eggs and milk.

Which brings us to a crucial point: which diet is the best for us? It seems that a vegan diet, which is a fully plant-based diet comprising of fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts and seeds outshines all that include animal-based products. 
From an ethical viewpoint, again it is a vegan diet that wins because most of us believe that it is wrong to be cruel to animals and almost all of us could not hurt or kill an animal ourselves.
And with emerging evidence of the detrimental impact of an animal-based diet on the environment, there just seems to be no reason to be on anything but a vegan diet which is the only sustainable one.

It is time we looked at Healthcare in a more holistic way. Healthcare is not just about providing medical care. It is about ensuring that every person has access to good food, clean water and other amenities. People need to relearn that prevention is better than cure that now comes at a very unaffordable price.

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Originally published on the Business World website.

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