The Vegan Diet

Vegan, as in diet, refers to a fully plant based diet. As a person, opposed to a vegetarian, a vegan is someone who not only abstains from the flesh and eggs of other animals, but also avoids their secretions such as milk and honey. The vegan philosophy is based on the principle that it is not possible to use animals for our purpose without causing them harm.

A normal person consumes plenty of vegan foods and beverages in a day. After all. fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts and seeds are all vegan by default. A lot of dishes in every cuisine happen to be vegan too when all ingredients are is restrictive is not true at all.

Though we have made plant based. So for anyone to say that the vegan diet
animal based products a part of our culture and tradition, it is increas-ingly being realised that we are not carnivores who catch, kill and tear our own prey and then bite, swallow and digest raw flesh. In fact, there are no animals in Nature who eat eggs routinely or drink milk post-infancy or inter-species. Since we are physically and physiologi-cally designed more like herbivores, a dilly plant based diet is now being seen as the most natural and healthy for us.

While the impact of animal agriculture on the environment and the suffering we cause to the animals remain the primary reasons to go vegan in diet, health is a great benefit we can derive from a fully plant based diet.

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